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Bedroom furniture
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The company Epipla Bellis was founded in 1945 and has its headquarters in Evosmos, Thessaloniki. Having a distinguished tradition in the field of carpentry, the company deals in the manufacture of bedroom furniture.

After its successful course in the field of furniture, Epipla Bellis continues to supply the Greek market with selected designs, focusing on the perfection of the quality of the raw materials. The company pays particular attention to the selection of top materials, thus offering furniture with great durability and reliability.

Epipla Bellis offers countless design options for every style and mood. Whether you prefer classic and elegant designs or modern and contemporary, the company has a variety to satisfy every customer's needs and preferences.

All of these are offered at great prices, enabling customers to get quality bedroom furniture without breaking their budget.

With its presence on the market for decades, the company Epipla Bellis has won the trust of its customers, thanks to the reliability, quality and attention to detail that distinguishes its products. Highlighting elegance and practicality, Epipla Bellis offers bedroom furniture solutions that harmonize with the aesthetic space of its customers.