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Bellis Furniture
Carpentry - Kitchen Furniture - Wardrobes - Offices - Bedrooms - Thessaloniki


The Bellis Furniture Company, based in Evosmos, Thessaloniki, has been dedicated to the carpentry industry since 1945. During its long history, our company has specialized in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, furniture children's room, as well as in special furniture constructions. In addition, we provide carpentry for shop renovations.

After our successful course in the field of furniture, we continue to supply the Greek market with selected designs that offer perfection and quality in raw materials. Our priority is to provide countless design options for every style and mood, while offering great prices.

At Epipla Bellis, we understand that furniture is an important part of our environment and affects the aesthetics and comfort of our spaces. For this reason, we seek to offer unique and original furniture that meets the needs and preferences of our customers.

Our skilled carpenters use high quality materials and combine their professional talent with their experience to create furniture with excellent aesthetics and durability. We are dedicated to providing reliable service and carefully monitor every detail to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction.

Regarding prices, we strive to offer excellent quality at competitive prices. We understand the importance of value for money and strive to meet the needs of our customers in every furniture and every budget.

If you are looking for custom, quality furniture that will impress, Bellis Furniture is the right choice for you. Visit our store in Evosmos Thessaloniki or contact us to help you create the ideal space you've always dreamed of.